Benefits of Using Sales Remote During the Holiday Shopping Season

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Björn Ström
November 24, 2021

The holiday shopping season is here – and it’s looking bright for retailers. Given current spending trends and consumers’ buoyant outlook following the COVID-19 pandemic, experts are forecasting strong demand over the 2021 holidays.

According to Deloitte’s 2021 Holiday Retail Survey, spending is up 5% year-over-year, primarily driven by higher-income households. However, many shoppers are worried about supply chain issues and rising inflation. Nearly 75% of respondents are concerned about stockouts, especially with electronics, accessories, toys, and hobby supplies, prompting many to start shopping earlier this year.

Despite these concerns, engagement with digital platforms remains high, and 62% of holiday spending is expected to occur online, while curbside pickup and BOPIS (buy online, pickup in-store) remain popular due to their convenience. Research shows that shoppers are more willing than ever to switch brands or retailers, especially when items are unavailable.

Retailers that want to take full advantage of these trends need to meet consumer demands despite their supply and labor challenges, and they can do this more effectively by adopting innovative technology solutions such as Ombori Sales Remote. 

What is the Ombori Sales Remote?

Ombori is a leading provider of digital solutions for retailers. It offers a suite of customizable, no-code applications that help retailers meet the demands of today’s consumers by combining the best of both in-store and digital shopping experiences. One of its latest innovations is Ombori Sales Remote, an interactive multimedia presentation tool designed for sales staff. 

Ombori understands that sales reps get one chance to make a lasting impression that drives customers into action. The company also realizes that actions speak louder than words, and clients want to see what they’re going to buy or invest in, especially when it comes to high-value products. Ombori Sales Remote allows staff to make the most of a sales pitch by sharing content on a large, easy-to-see screen while accentuating key selling features.

How Does the Sales Remote work?

Ombori Sales Remote is an interactive digital display that is typically installed in a sales area. It includes a large screen that can share content with a group of customers without compromising anyone’s view or the uniqueness of the product. 

In standby mode, Sales Remote can be configured to show a carousel of multimedia content. It allows sales staff to take control of the display using a QR code or voice activation. Staff can then control the screen via a mobile device and call up information or promotional material, including static images, video, or interactive content.

This allows customers to see detailed specifications about a product or service and use interactive tools to examine different customization options and price points. Sales staff can print out information on-demand as required. The goal is to provide customers with enough information about the product to close the deal. 

Sales Remote: Improving Outcomes for Retailers

Ombori Sales Remote is perfect for high-value sales environments, where staff need to spend time explaining complex products or services to prospective customers. This includes electronics stores, car showrooms, home improvement stores, interior design studios, and financial service providers. Sales Remote can also be used in non-retail situations such as convention booths and internal business meetings. 

Benefits of Sales Remote Technology

All parties can enjoy the benefits of Sales Remote technology:

Customer Benefits

  • Enhanced Experience: Customers receive a more nuanced experience through Sales Remote. Digital content is always more compelling than printed or static material, and customers appreciate seeing products on a larger screen rather than on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

  • Increased Engagement: Sales Remote allows customers to engage with product information more directly, which increases their confidence in making a decision. They can see what the product looks like built to their specifications and price point.

  • Stronger Brand Loyalty: A more positive customer experience translates into increased customer loyalty. Those who feel more informed about a product and more engaged during the shopping experience are more likely to be repeat customers. 

Staff Benefits

  • Improved Access to Materials: Because staff can control Sales Remote through their mobile device, they have instant access to a full range of marketing materials. Additionally, controlling the larger screen through their phone is more convenient than relying on a laptop or tablet.

  • Fewer Errors: Because sales material is updated and maintained centrally through Sales Remote, staff can rest assured they provide customers with the most accurate information.  

  • Greater Empowerment: The ability to utilize a large screen to demonstrate products or services to prospective customers gives staff a greater sense of control over their sales pitch. Sales Remote allows them to use video and interactive content to engage more fully with customers.

Business Benefits

    • Improved Analytics: Sales Remote provides management with detailed information about what customers are interested in and enables retailers to optimize inventory and predict future trends.
  • Better Communication: Because Sales Remote is a centralized system, management can communicate information consistently to all staff. Updated marketing materials are automatically propagated to all sales associates.

  • Increased Revenue: The bottom line is that Sales Remote can lead to higher revenue because it allows staff to make a more compelling presentation to customers, which increases the likelihood of making a sale or upselling additional products and services. 

Case Studies: How Sales Remote Has Helped Businesses Improve

Ombori has partnered with two retailers to implement Sales Remote in time for the holiday shopping season. Here’s a glimpse into their experiences. 

Telenor Group

The Telenor Group is a multinational telecommunications company headquartered near Oslo, Norway. With 188 million customers worldwide and annual sales of around $14 billion, Telenor offers a full range of services, including mobile and fixed telephone, Internet access, and cable TV. 

Telenor recently partnered with Ombori to install Sales Remote in all 60 of its Swedish stores. Sales associates can use the large-screen interactive technology to demonstrate products and services to individuals or small groups. Through their mobile device, staff has access to all of the company’s existing inventory of digital media marketing content, including product details, videos, and web pages. They can pull up whatever they need on-demand to close a sale.

“The Sales Remote is a remarkably powerful sales tool that empowers sales staff without burdening them with paper and without tying them to a desk-based system. Its simplicity engages customers and helps them to make informed purchase decisions,” says Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf.

Clas Ohlson Lab Store

Ombori has also partnered with the Clas Ohlson Lab Store in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1918, Clas Ohlson is a home improvement chain and mail-order firm specializing in hardware and home, leisure, electrical, and multimedia products. It has 228 stores throughout Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

The Lab Store is a unique concept that combines the feel of a home with the functionality of a shop. Utilizing Ombori technology, the store aims to create a highly interactive and memorable shopping experience. “Clas Ohlson is at the forefront of a move to push retail into new territory, and we’re proud and excited to be part of it,” says Hassellöf.

The Lab Store is equipped with various Ombori solutions, including Customer Remote, Web2Touch, and Sales Remote. These technologies make it easy for sales associates to give customers the information they need to make a purchasing decision – even if they don’t know what they are looking for. Ombori solutions make it easy and entertaining for customers to browse products, learn about offers, and examine options.

Utilizing Sales Remote During the Holidays

Since demand is expected to surpass supply during this year’s holiday season, customers are shopping early. For retailers specializing in high-value products and services, it is vital to close deals while customers are on-site and items are in stock. Businesses cannot afford to watch people leave without making a purchase. 

Research shows that higher-income households are willing to pay more for available products and services this holiday season. Hence, businesses need to make the most of this by engaging customers with interactive presentations that demonstrate how their products and services can enrich customers’ lives and make the shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible. 

Bringing Customers to the Next Level

The ability to surprise and delight customers is a differentiator for retailers. Those that can provide a first-class, personalized shopping experience are more likely to see increased sales during the holidays. Those that fail to appreciate the importance of utilizing innovative technologies like Sales Remote are bound to fall behind. 

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