Sales Remote

Interactive multimedia presentation tool for sales staff

Presenting our new interactive multimedia presentation tool for sales staff.

A slick presentation can be the key to making a high value sale. Customers often want to see detailed specifications, watch videos, or use interactive tools to examine different customization opinions or price points. Printed materials are good for take-aways, but lack the impact of digital materials.

On the other hand, viewing digital material on a laptop or tablet, or even a desktop, can be cumbersome and awkward, especially when a salesperson is presenting to a group. Sales Remote addresses this by using a large screen that can display a full range of marketing materials. It is controlled by the salesperson’s mobile phone and easily seen by all the prospective customers.

Sales Remote is an interactive digital display that is typically installed in sales areas. It is normally a large screen so that it can be seen clearly by a group of people.

In standby mode, Sales Remote can be configured to show a carousel of multimedia content. 

To take control, the sales associate uses a QR code. They can then control the screen via their mobile phone and call up promotional or informational material. This can include static content, video, or interactive content.

How can it help?

Sales Remote is ideal for sales environments which rely on associates spending time explaining complex products or services to prospective customers. These can include electronics stores, car showrooms, or interior design stores, or financial services such as mortgages or loans.

Sales Remote can also be used as a presentation tool in offices and meeting rooms.

For customers

  • More compelling than printed or static material
  • Easier to see than a computer or tablet

For staff

  • Full range of marketing material is immediately available
  • Control via phone is more convenient than via a laptop
  • Easier to sell to groups of customers

For the business

  • Updated marketing material is automatically propagated to all sales staff
  • Increased sales through better customer experience
  • Better customer experience increases loyalty