• Strengthen brand awareness and loyalty with an innovative, pleasing shopping experience
  • Convert footfall into online customers by allowing quick hand-off to a mobile device
  • Expand your business presence on popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Line

Why put a photo booth in a store?

An in-store photo booth may seem like an old-fashioned concept, but today's digital photo booths are nothing like the ones of days gone by. They've been completely redesigned for the social media generation. They don't just take simple passport type pictures: instead, they take branded photos, deliberately crafted for social sharing. Retailers can also use the data collected in the process to develop a long-term relationship with the customer.

Surprise and delight your customers

A photo booth will give your customers a positive surprise and a fun memory of visiting your store. If your store is undergoing a digital transformation, it can be effective to include devices which are there purely for fun. Having multiple interactive devices in the same space enhances the feeling of it being a fully interactive store. This increases the individual engagement of all digital devices in the same space.

Speak the customer's language

Customers are comfortable with talking to devices. Our Retail Photo Booth is voice-controlled, and functions in multiple languages, including Arabic and Chinese.

Relationships start with messaging

Our Retail Photo Booth is fully integrated with the world's most popular messaging services, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Line. When the customers have taken their selfie, they then download it to their phone so that they can share it. They connect to the booth via a messenger service to get their photo sent to them. This can be used to collect their phone number and allow them to opt into marketing communications. Data shows that around 10% of all customers who use a photo booth will opt in. This is much more efficient than e-mail newsletter.

Great for brand promotions

Customers are used to the idea of creating and sharing branded photos that tie into products or events. For example, to tie in with the release of the movie Avengers: Endgame, Max Fashion customers were able to take their pictures with characters from the movie.


More about the Ombori Retail Photo Booth

Devices are available in different sizes depending on individual store requirements, including:

- 43” Photo Booth
- 32” Photo Booth
- 12” Surface Pro

Based on Ombori Grid platform:

- In-store technology platform built on Microsoft Azure
- Stable, fully-managed devices, with easy to use interface
- Includes monitoring, analytics and CMS

Customers include:

- H&M
- Max Fashion


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