Ombori’s app banner increases downloads up to 20x in initial trials

Blog post author
Andreas Hassellöf
March 16, 2017

Mobile app developer Ombori today unveiled a new tool designed to increase app downloads from a client’s Web site. Codenamed Bruce, the banner is easy to install, and fully adaptive to the customer’s device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, and it supports iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS.

In initial trials with pilot sites across the Nordic region, the banner has been shown to increase app downloads by up to 20x.

Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf emphasized the importance of the tool as part of the company’s overall m-commerce success strategy. “Our clients need to be able to get their customers using apps as well as mobile Web, but this isn’t always easy. Other app banners only work on specific platforms or browsers - Apple’s banner only works on Safari, but what if the customer is viewing the website in Facebook or is using Chrome? Our clients need a platform-neutral solution. In addition, when a user is on their computer, a link to the app store isn’t useful. Bruce bridges this problem in a simple, user-friendly way. Desktop users can receive an app store link in a text message, then they can follow up and get the app when it’s more convenient.”

By using tools such as Bruce to increase app installs, Ombori aims to increase customer loyalty and drive sales for its clients. “All the data shows that app users are different to mobile Web users,” said Hassellöf. “They’re more engaged, they do more repeat business, and they spend more. They’re basically your VIPs. In addition, once you can offer an omnichannel experience, where users can switch seamlessly between devices, using both apps and Web as appropriate, they’re much happier and much more likely to recommend you to their friends.”

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