OmboriGrid announces partnership with INCOM TOMRA to help businesses meet sustainability targets

OmboriGrid is working with recycling specialists INCOM TOMRA to offer new ways to encourage customers to recycle glass & plastics.

Stockholm, Sweden: February 4, 2022

OmboriGrid today announced that the company is working with recycling specialists INCOM TOMRA to offer new ways to encourage customers to recycle glass and plastics.

INCOM TOMRA is the market leader in reverse vending machines (RVMs) for recycling. Consumers return used beverage containers into the RVM, which instantly analyzes and sorts the material. Consumers are then incentivized for their recycling effort. OmboriGrid adds an extra layer of functionality by integrating this with the client’s loyalty program and engaging the user via their mobile phone and large format digital signage. 

The first deployment by the partnership was in the United Arab Emirates at the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in conjunction with Etihad Airways, where visitors can recycle plastic drink bottles and aluminum cans in return for Etihad Guest Miles. The entire project was completed in less than a month, which demonstrates the speed with which Grid-based solutions can be created.  

Integrating Ombori Grid with INCOM TOMRA RVMs offers businesses new ways to meet their sustainability targets and demonstrate their commitment to recycling. In addition, it is an effective tool for promoting loyalty programmes. Users who are not a member of the programme are able to sign up simply by recycling. 

Customers have reacted very positively to the Ombori-enabled RVMs. Users have given it an NPS score of 95, showing that they enjoy using it and would recommend it to others. 

“This collaboration shows what’s possible when companies from all over the world come together to pool their expertise,” said Andreas Hassellöf, CEO of Ombori. “By combining our software and Microsoft Azure with INCOM TOMRA’s reverse vending machines, we can offer our clients innovative ways to encourage their customers to recycle. Sustainability is important to all of us, and we’re excited to be doing our part.”

See the RVMs in action

“At INCOM TOMRA, we are passionate about technology solutions designed to drive sustainable behavior,” said Thomas Løstegård, Managing Director at INCOM TOMRA. “It is exciting and refreshing for us to work together with OmboriGrid to develop new ways for businesses to engage and reward their consumers through the act of reverse vending.”

About OmboriGrid

OmboriGrid AB (publ) is part of Ombori Group, headquartered in Stockholm, with offices in the UK and the Philippines. The company is backed by a consortium of investors, including ITAB, and has clients worldwide, including H&M, IKEA, Target, ACE Hardware, Lindt and Dufry.


INCOM TOMRA Recycling Technology (Beijiing) Co., Ltd. is a Chinese-Norwegian joint venture. INCOM TOMRA was established in March 2016 by Beijiing INCOM RECYCLE Co., Ltd from China and TOMRA Systems ASA from Norway to promote, sell and service reverse vending machines (RVMs) developed by the two companies. TOMRA is a world leader in Sorting and Collection solutions, and INCOM RECYCLE is the biggest operator and supplier of Smart Municipality recycling solutions in China. 

For more information:

Andreas Hassellof, CEO, OmboriGrid AB (publ), +46 (0) 77-586 80 00, [email protected]

Thomas Løstegård, Man. Dir., TOMRA Recycling Technology (Xiamen, China) Co. Ltd., +86 159 60800 705, [email protected]

Andreas Hassellöf

February 10, 2022