Mekonomen joins Ombori’s client list

Blog post author
Andreas Hassellöf
July 15, 2016

Mobile commerce app developer Ombori has launched its second live deployment of its flagship product, PresenceKit. Mekonomen Group are the leading automotive spare-parts chain in the Nordic region, with over 300 stores and 2,000 workshops. With annual revenues in excess of SEK 1.45 bn (approx $164m), Mekonomen is one of the best known retailers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

“Signing Mekonomen reinforces our commitment to providing top quality solutions for large-scale enterprise customers,” said Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf. “Our primary focus at this time is on securing high profile, top-tier clients with over SEK 1bn annual revenue. These are the companies who most need to make the transition to being fully online. Whether they are primarily e-commerce companies or bricks and mortar retailers, they need to embrace mobile fast. Traditional app development cycles are too slow and costly, so they need to find ways to develop and deploy apps faster. That’s where we come in with our highly specialized app creation software. PresenceKit allows them to get into the app stores literally within days. For retailers facing stiff competition from giants like Amazon, that’s a big deal.”

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