Manned checkout: speed up the process & improve customer satisfaction

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Andreas Hassellöf
July 29, 2020

Even though self checkout is rapidly growing in popularity, many customers still prefer to pay for their purchases in a traditional way, at a manned checkout. However, customers hate waiting in line to pay. Our checkout solutions speed up the checkout process and improve customer satisfaction.

Less waiting means a better customer experience. Increased customer satisfaction will result in increased customer loyalty and increased sales for retailers. 

In addition, long lines of customers are inconvenient and disruptive. Reducing checkout lines and streamlining the payment process makes it easier to run your business and creates a less stressful environment for staff as well as customers.

  • Minimize the time customers have to spend waiting in line to pay
  • Reduce lost sales
  • Optimize staff usage
  • Reduce stress on staff

How can Ombori Grid help?

Our manned checkout solutions are powerful, versatile, and easy to deploy. They run on standard hardware and integrate easily with your existing systems. They are easily configurable to your unique requirements and branding.

Manage checkout lines more efficiently

  • Combining the virtual queuing system with the CallForward app reduces the time customers spend waiting in line. Instead of customers standing in multiple lines, customers are placed into a single line - physical or virtual - and are then called when a checkout becomes free. Customers can see an estimate of their waiting time, which reduces frustration. 

Reduce lost sales

  • Low-level cameras check for items on the bottom of a cart to ensure that customers do not forget to pay for them.

Speed up routine checkout tasks

  • The Checkout Assistant provides one-button tools for tasks such as opening or closing a checkout, calling a supervisor, or reporting a malfunction. This allows for rapid adjustment in the number of available checkouts depending on demand. 

Flexible touchless payment options

  • Customers can pay with credit cards or using their phones

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