Ombori and Microsoft Launch Lindt Magical Selfie Mirror

Andreas Hassellöf
Design Lead of Ombori Apps AB

Ombori is proud to announce the launch of the latest incarnation of its Selfie Mirror, at the Lindt Store in Zurich Airport.

Created in partnership with Microsoft Switzerland, the new version of the voice-activated Selfie Mirror now includes the ability to print out high-quality glossy postcard-sized prints featuring images of the customers. This technology was originally designed in partnership with Microsoft and Visual Art for the H&M flagship store in New York. Based on Microsoft Cortana, it features a voice-controlled screen with a camera that allows customers to view products and offers simply by speaking to the mirror, and also takes entertaining photographs they can save and share digitally with their friends.


Peter Zehnder of Lindt said, "We were looking for an experience that would engage and activate travellers. This will increase stopping power, and get customers to share memorable moments around the world."

"This is really connecting the digital and physical worlds in a very interactive way," added Lukas Eberle of Microsoft Switzerland.

Andreas Hassellöf, CEO of Ombori, commented, "We have mostly been deploying our products to traditional malls and stores. Putting the Selfie Mirror into the Duty Free area of an airport has presented interesting challenges and exciting opportunities. You're dealing with a very different type of shopper, and it's really important to entertain and excite them in order to attract their attention."

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