Guided selling: help customers find things they don’t know they want

Björn Ström
Design Lead of Ombori Apps AB

Ombori Grid includes several interactive guided selling tools that allow customers to browse for and purchase products based on their individual preferences and purchase history.

Personalized product recommendations are one of the most effective ways to make customers happy. By introducing them to products that meet their individual needs, you provide a valuable service and build customer loyalty, as well as increasing sales.

Guided selling tools increase sales by helping customers in two ways. For customers who are trying to make a specific purchase, they help them find the right product by understanding their needs and providing them with appropriate information. For customers who are just browsing, they suggest products they are not aware of and encourage them to make a purchase.

  • Help customers find the products they want
  • Increase impulse purchases
  • Increase upsales
  • Increase customer loyalty

Ombori’s guided selling tools can be incorporated into a variety of touchpoints throughout the customer journey, both instore and online. By combining Ombori Grid apps in unique ways, you can create many opportunities for customers to find out about and purchase products. 

Using a combination of customer history and interactive media, you can find out what customers really want and tailor your promotional material to meet their individual needs.

In-store product recommendations

  • Ombori Grid supports a variety of guided selling opportunities throughout a store visit. These are interactive devices that use customer input via voice or touch-screen to understand what the customer wants and build a series of product suggestions based on their preferences. Our interactive digital signage and customer remotes are primarily informational. By combining these with a Wayfinder, you can direct a customer to where the item is located in-store. Our endless aisle and store assistant kiosks add purchase functionality so that customers can directly buy items that interest them. 

Online product recommendations

  • Once a customer engages with you, this creates opportunities to send product recommendations and offers direct to their mobile devices. For example, while they are waiting in a virtual queue, you can push information about promoted products, or ask them questions to help them find what they are looking for in-store. Devices such as the selfie mirror and customer remote encourage customers to give you permission to send them promotional material after they have left the store. 

Point of sale product recommendations

Offer your full inventory at all times

  • Using our Endless Aisle, you can show in-store customers products and options that are out of stock. They can find the exact product they want and place an order, even if it is not currently available. This encourages them to buy from you instead of looking elsewhere.

Make repeat purchases easier

  • Once you know what a customer likes to buy, and how often, you can make it simple for them to purchase the same item again. You can remind them when it is time to make a repeat purchase of an item such as pet food or a prescription, and incentivize them with a discount or similar offer.

Build personalized long-term relationships

  • As you build up data on each customer, both online and in-store, you can tune your promotional material to reflect their individual needs. Send them news and offers that match their purchase history, and incentivize them to become long-term, loyal customers.

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