Curbside Pickup (BOPAC)

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Rui Tian
September 3, 2020

Make it easier for shoppers to collect their purchases. Ombori Grid’s curbside solution requires no additional hardware, and interfaces with your existing e-commerce infrastructure.

Ombori’s Curbside Pickup solution provides an easy way to allow customers to collect their purchases without entering the store.

The system includes three main components: booking, notification, and collection. All components are fully configurable and customizable.


Users can book a pickup slot via online booking on the Web. They receive a confirmation on their mobile device or a printed ticket. This includes the location as well as the time.


When the customer’s appointment time grows near, they receive a reminder on their mobile device. This minimizes the on-site wait time. If they need to reschedule their pickup time, they can rebook. If the pickup needs to be delayed, the customer is informed.


On arrival, the customer presents their booking confirmation on their mobile device. Once the customer has received their purchase, the delivery is marked as complete, ensuring you have an audit track of all curbside orders.

Why you may need it

COVID-19 restrictions

Many businesses and workplaces are operating under restrictions governing the number of customers or visitors who can be on the premises. Allowing customers to collect purchases without entering the store makes it safer and easier.

Improved customer experience

Making it easy for customers to collect their purchases reduces frustration and increases loyalty.

Understand customer preferences

Accurate real-time and historical data on curbside purchases allows you to understand how customers want to shop. This information allows you to adjust business practices to meet changing customer demand.



Increased sales

Curbside Pickup makes it more convenient for customers to visit your store, and reduces the likelihood that they will choose to shop elsewhere.

Fewer missed pickups

Sending information to the customer’s mobile device reduces the likelihood that they will miss their slot or forget to make their pickup.

Pickup tracking

An accurate, real-time log of pickups ensure that you have a constant audit trail of all completed and outstanding pickups.

Improved health and safety

Reducing the number of shoppers in the store reduces the risk of infection without decreasing sales.

Customer communication

Giving customers and visitors clear and accurate information about the pickup process reduces waiting times, improves the customer experience and reduces frustration.

Staff management

Accurate real-time data on collections allows you to adjust staffing levels to meet actual demand. For example, you can move staff from checkouts to servicing pickups.


As you build up historical purchase data you can identify underlying trends and patterns in customer/visitor behaviour. These may go far beyond understanding the most popular times and days: for example, you can determine which products customers select for pickup as compared to buying in-store.


Why choose Ombori Curbside?

Grid ecosystem

Curbside Pickup is part of the modular Grid ecosystem. It can be combined with a wide range of other apps and solutions to meet your specific needs. All Grid apps share a common infrastructure, allowing them to share data and content and work seamlessly together. Apps can be added as required, allowing you to expand your functionality as and when you need.


All Ombori Grid apps are fully customizable to your requirements and branding. The standard features and options enable the system to be configured to the needs of most clients out of the box. If not, we will work with you to develop the additional features or options you require.


Curbside Pickup works for any scale of business. It can be configured for a large enterprise with multiple locations, or for a single office.

Rapid deployment

Get up and running fast. Depending on your specific needs, we can install Curbside Pickup in under 48 hours from start to finish.

Remote management

All Ombori Grid apps can be monitored and controlled remotely. You can update content, change triggers, and view real-time data from multiple locations without having to be on the premises.

Easy maintenance

Simple, intuitive tools allow you to update and maintain the system with ease. Managers can make routine changes without the need to call in IT specialists or request changes from the vendor.


All Ombori Grid apps are designed and built with security in mind. Our specialist security team has extensive experience working with high-profile enterprises including banks and major retailers.

Standard hardware and software

Ombori Curbside Pickup uses commonly available hardware in order to minimize both cost and deployment time. It is built on Microsoft Azure IOT, ensuring that it is reliable, secure, and well supported.



All Curbside installations include the following features

Slot configuration

Determine the number of pickup slots and the frequency for each location. For example, you could allow 5 pickups every 30 minutes, or one every 15 minutes. Set the hours when pickup is available and what identifying information customers need to provide, such as car license or description, or bay number.

Change notification

If the customer’s pickup has to be delayed or rescheduled, or the pickup location has to be altered, send a notification direct to their mobile device with the updated information.

Real-time pickup monitoring

Continuous real-time count of outstanding and completed pickups, enabling you to track orders that need to be fulfilled and verify collection.

Appointment booking

Book a pickup slot, or reschedule as required.


Receive a digital confirmation of booking.


Customers receive reminders on their mobile devices when their pickup time is near.


Verify the customer’s identity when they arrives and confirm when pickup is complete.

GDPR compliant

Data storage and handling is fully compliant with GDPR and other data protection legislation.


Easy visualization of current pickup status and historical trends on Web and mobile. All data is date and time stamped.

Data export

Data can be exported to files or directly to your existing management information systems

Multi-site support

If you have multiple sites in your business, you can monitor and control all of them centrally. Customers can book a place in any queue, allowing them to select the most convenient location.

Site specific settings

Each site in your business can have its own configuration.

Traffic light indicators

Simple visual indication of demand in each location.


All data is stored on the cloud allowing remote access at all times.

Digital twin

Create a virtual model of customer preferences and performance.

Optional extras

Ombori Curbside Pickup also offers a number of optional features.

Digital signage integration

Information about pickup options can be displayed on interactive digital signage both inside and outside the building.

Integration with Virtual Queuing system

Offer customers maximum flexibility by giving them the choice between booking a store visit or a pickup slot.

Digital or manual pickup confirmation

Admission can be checked manually or via a reader that scans their phone.

Embedded promotional opportunities

Send personalized promotional material to customers waiting for pickups, direct to their mobile devices. This can include digital coupons, product data, or other useful information.

Integration with loyalty programs

VIP customers can be offered preferential booking options. These could include appointment slots that are not available to other customers.

Multiple pickup locations per site

Sites can have more than one pickup location.


Multiple ways to connect the system to your network. Use wifi or cables to connect to the existing store network, or use a separate connection.

Multi-language support

Available in multiple languages. Devices can be configured to offer multiple language support.

Triggered staff information

Send notifications directly to staff via Web or mobile, based on triggers. For example, when an order comes in, you can forward it directly to the staff member responsible.

Provide visitor information to staff

Send information about customers directly to the staff who will be serving them. For example, you could identify whether a customer is a member of your loyalty program.

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