Ombori today announces the launch of four new digital retail experiences in the newly opened Clas Ohlson Lab Store in Stockholm. The Lab Store is a new concept that combines the feel of a home with the functionality of a shop. Ombori is providing apps developed with the Ombori Grid platform, running on Microsoft Azure.

The first things a customer sees are two large interactive screens, one in the store window and the other just inside the entrance, the Ombori Customer Remotes. The window screen can even be controlled from the street 24/7, to make online purchases without having to enter the store.

Inside the store, the Ombori Web2Touch with barcode scanner displays product information from the Clas Ohlson website on a touch-screen system which also allows them to save information to their mobile device via a QR code. Customers can browse the website or scan physical items to find out more. In addition, the Ombori Sales Remote is a large screen for use by store staff allowing them to pull up interactive multimedia content and display product information controlled by their personal mobile devices.

“This is one of a number of exciting pilots we are rolling out worldwide”, says Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf. “Our aim is to create new and exciting customer experiences that allow shoppers to interact with brands in ways that combine the power and convenience of technology with the immediacy of being in a physical store. Clas Ohlson is at the forefront of a move to push retail into new territory, and we’re proud and excited to be part of it.”

Clas Ohlson: Niklas Carlsson, Group Head of Communications,

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