Ombori announces in-store installation for Caliroots

Andreas Hassellöf
Design Lead of Ombori Apps AB

Ombori's touchscreen retail technology will be part of the new Caliroots flagship store opening today in Gothenburg. The installation, created in association with VisualArt, consists of an interactive touchscreen which allows customers to browse the store's full inventory of clothes and shoes, including items not on display.

In order to minimize the workload for store staff, the screen draws content directly from the Caliroots Web site, and does not require content to be selected or designed specifically for that device. As soon as the Web site is updated, changes are immediately reflected in-store. This was achieved using Ombori's proprietary Web2Touch tools, which are based on the company's existing Web2App tools.

"We are excited to be taking the next steps into delivering innovative retail experiences," said Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf. "We have always taken the view that the future of retail is about more than just Web and mobile apps: it's about finding new ways to blend the digital world and physical stores, to create new ways for the customer to interact with brands, and to use the full range of technologies available to us."

"We've really tried to think about how to get online into offline and present our digital presence in the store in a good way. These digital stations are using today's technology to strengthen the physical experience," said Caliroots CEO Andreas Koschnike.

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