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Today’s consumers demand 24/7 access to your brand, using whatever device is most convenient for them.

They want to make purchases and track their goods any time, and receive immediate notification of shipments, deals and offers.

Mobile commerce now accounts for over 50% of online sales in most of the world.

85% of consumers prefer apps because they’re faster, easier to use, and offer better UX.

Launch your app in just a few days.

Normally it takes months to develop a mobile commerce app, but with the Ombori Grid platform, you can have your app in all the major app stores in a couple of days. From start to finish the whole process can be completed as little as 48 hours, depending on your exact requirements.

Our technology automates the time-consuming aspects of development, allowing us to build a fully functional app rapidly.

A fully customized look and feel ensures that your new app is compliant with your brand, meets your commercial needs, and delivers the best possible user experience.

We use tried and tested reusable components which meet all the standards set by the app stores and will ensure fast, painless acceptance once your app is completed.

Deliver a five-star experience.

With so many five-star reviews in the App Stores, we’re highly rated by both our clients, and their customers.

I really love the community function where you can share your moment.”

Claim your brand.

Your most loyal customers are probably already searching the Apple App Store and Google Play for your brand.

Do they currently find your app, or your competitors?

Turn visits into relationships

A website is a necessary foundation, but with an app you will boost your entire digital presence and build deeper relationships with your best customers. App users are 200% more likely to become repeat customers than mobile Web users.

By using our promotional app banner you will instantly convert website visitors to app users. It’s much easier to get a visitor to install an app than to hand over their e-mail address. In addition, converting more website visits into long-term relationships increases your return on other marketing efforts such as SEM, SEO and Social Media.

Sell more. Everywhere.

We understand that what really matters is your bottom line. An app will help you reduce cart abandonment, increase sales, and encourage repeat customers.

App users are your most valued customers: they convert 300% higher than mobile web users, and view over 4x more products per session. What’s more, 40.4% of app users increase their spending on your brand after downloading the app, and 45.9% will visit your physical store more often.

Reach new customers.

When the app banner generates downloads from your website, you climb the rankings in the app stores and reach new users. Once they’ve installed the app, use our push notification tool to increase engagement and returns by sending promotional messages to your customers.

Higher engagement make sure your app gets even higher rankings in the stores

And by integrating the Google App Indexing SDK, the app usage also boosts your website’s ranking in Google - reaching even more new users that you can convert to app users.

We call this the web-app spiral - your Website and app are now working in sync and both sides will benefit from the SEO boost. You can Read more about the Web App Spiral on our blog page.

Only pay for new sales.

We want you to only pay for the value we add.

What does this mean? We charge a percentage of the sales made via the app. However, any app customers who come via the app banner you use to promote the app on your website or a promotional email link, will be excluded from those sales.

Why do we do this? We want to encourage you to promote the app as much as possible through your existing channels without worrying about cannibalizing your existing online customers. Our focus is on helping you find new customers. We drive growth, not simply moving customers from one channel to another.

Investment-free, contract-free, risk free.

You’ll get a fully-featured m-commerce app for Apple and Android that’s fully integrated with your existing Web site and backend systems. We’ll get you up and running within a few days, and we’ll take care of all the maintenance and upgrades for you. And there’s absolutely nothing to pay up front and no long-term contract.

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