Make air travel more enjoyable


People travelling by air are a unique group of customers. Some are anxious and stressed about reaching their gate in time, while others are more relaxed. They are often looking for something fun and entertaining to do while waiting, and are not necessarily looking to make a quick purchase.

Ombori Grid can transform the airport experience, using a combination of smart waiting systems, interactive information booths, and exciting, entertaining shopping solutions. Travellers can feel reassured that they can get to their gate on time, and can relax and enjoy themselves while waiting.


Airports are a unique environment. They have to fulfil two distinct objectives: to get travelers to the right place at the right time, and to keep them entertained and relaxed while they’re waiting. Air travel is often stressful at the best of times, and during COVID, it has become even more so.
Airports need to help travelers get the information they need to have a safe, easy journey, This includes directions to departure gates and other locations, up to the minute details on changes to their itinerary, and useful information about their destination, such as weather, transportation, hotels, and attractions.

Shops and dining areas in airports face many of the same issues as other retailers and restaurants in terms of occupancy control, payment systems, and communication with customers. However, they also face some unique challenges, in that they are engaging with customers in very unusual circumstances. They generally have a very limited window to make a sale, because the customer will only be there for a short period, so they need to focus on immediate results rather than long-term customer loyalty. In addition, shops tend to sell very specialized goods, focused on gifts and travel utilities, which requires educating customers about what is on offer. Furthermore, customers often feel they are under pressure to get to their gate, so they are tempted to leave without buying anything.

How can Ombori help?

Ombori Grid based apps can be deployed in locations throughout the airport, complementing existing information devices. All of our solutions can be configured to work in multiple languages, making them ideal for international airports.

Travellers can simply scan their boarding pass to get personalized information and services based on their destination, their departure time and their arrival time. 

  • Our interactive Wayfinder makes it easy for travellers to locate gates, restaurants, toilets, shops and other facilities. They can download directions to their phone, as well as estimates on the time it will take to reach their destination. 
  • Travellers can get destination information from our interactive digital signage. This can include local weather information, as well as suggestions for places to visit or places to stay.
  • With our queue management solution, travellers are given plenty of notification to get to their gate. They can wait anywhere they want, and won’t be crowding the departure area unnecessarily. This gives them more time to shop and dine. Our occupancy control systems ensure that no area of the airport is overcrowded.
  • Airport stores can benefit from our guided selling, selfie mirror and self-checkout systems. These create a fun, memorable shopping experience that can be as fast or as leisurely as the customer wants. By adopting a unified commerce approach, they can offer customers the ability to make a purchase at their departure airport, and then collect it at their destination or on their return.
  • Airport restaurants can make use of our full range of restaurant solutions, from pre-ordering to digital signage and self-checkout.